Outgrowing the family home? Consider renovating as opposed to buying a bigger house and you could save mega-bucks.

You’re outgrowing the family home, but do you need to move?!

If you’re not 100% sure you want to move and buy a bigger house – consider renovating to expand your current living and storage space!

To acquire more space is one of the main reasons for moving, but what if you can just be smarter with the space you currently have by changing the layout of your home?

Moving home comes at a cost, roughly 10% of your new home purchase price! Renovating may be a more cost effective option.

Ways renovating give you more living space:

Create Storage

  • Regardless of the size of the home, storage can always be an issue. By increasing storage you naturally expand your useable living space. See here for how to create ample storage space without compromising on floor space.

Add or remove walls

  • By removing non-structural or load bearing walls, rooms can be made bigger.
  • Removing walls creates open-space living such as open-plan kitchen, living and dining areas, which are a popular concept for families or those who enjoy entertaining.
  • The majority of 3 bedroom homes can be made into 4 bedrooms quite easily by adding walls.

Add height to your rooms

  • Higher ceilings can instantly give the feeling of more room and create a light, airy and open space in your home.


  • Extending your home by lifting it to legal height, adding floors or rooms is an option to consider if your budget, space and your local council allows. Extensions of any kind usually involve a certain degree of red tape and planning permission.

When considering any renovations, no matter how small or large, always use licenced professionals such as AMS Property Renovations, who have all the trades in house to manage your project through to completion and are able to offer their expert advise and guide you every step of the way.

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