Leaking Showers

  • Leaking shower?
  • Damp or wet patches on a wall?
  • Waterproofing failed?

The team at AMS are EXPERTS when it comes to leaking showers! Our entire team are well rehearsed in identifying the cause of your shower leak. There are many factors to consider and being Licenced Plumbers we are here to help solve your leaking shower problems.

How old is the property?

Depending on the age of the property, we have found 2 scenarios that are specifically age related.

  1.  that there may not have ever been waterproofing membrane applied before the tiles were installed
  2. Or, if the property is older than 10 years, perhaps the existing waterproofing membrane is beginning to break down or fail.

Have you spotted something damp?

In the case of a leaking shower, it can sometimes be as obvious as water pouring out of the shower floor / shower base each and every time you shower.

Alternatively, you could notice a wet or damp patch on the wall that backs onto your shower, or your skirting boards are starting to swell, or mould is appearing on that ceiling below.

All of the above are means of identifying that you have a shower leak, but how exactly do we pin-point the true cause of that leaking shower for you?

How do we identify the issue?

  1. Step one: We can arrange to send out a licenced plumber to carry out a flood test test of your shower area. By blocking the floor waste and running the shower, we can track the water seepage if there is any.
  2. Step two: Our plumbers will also carry out the pressure check of your shower combinations. By using a special pressure gauge device they will be able to determine if your pipes are holding enough pressure and not leaking, as well as checking for pipe leaks.

In the case of minor leaks, and a repair or replacement of parts can be made, our plumbers will always advise the best solution and most cost effective way to resolve any issues with shower leaks in you may have.

If the issue is waterproofing related, then we will arrange for a detailed quotation to be done for full a shower rectification – where, if we have to, we will strip your shower back to existing sheeting to re apply a waterproofing membrane.

AMS will give you peace of mind with our fully licenced team completing works in accordance with the BSA (Building Standards of Australia) the QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) and will always provide you with copies of Notifiable Works such as Plumbing Form 4, Inspection Certificate / Aspect Certificate Form 16.

Don’t delay in letting AMS assist you with your leaking shower.

Call us to arrange a quote. You may also like to use our cost calculator to give you an indication of renovation costs, click here.




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Leaking Showers
Leaking Showers
Leaking Showers
Leaking Showers
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