Get ample storage without compromising floor space

Small homes. Clever ideas that ensure you have ample storage space without compromising on floor-space.
One of the main issues with small homes is a considerable lack of storage space.

Small homes and small rooms can be pokey, and frustrating to use.

This becomes more frustrating when increasing your storage space means compromising on the already minimal floor space you have.

So how can you maximise your storage space without minimising your floor space?

Check out our tips below for maximising storage in each room in your house:


  • Consider a cavity door. Cavity doors are much space savvier than hinged doors and free up both floor and wall space.
  • Also consider a shower recess in your wall cavity, most wall cavities are deep enough to allow for this and provide a stylish space to keep your soap and shampoo.
  • Build storage into your vanity. Consider a mirrored vanity cabinet above the sink to store your toiletries, make up and toothbrush and drawers and cupboards under the sink to store your other bathroom essentials. A custom made vanity could be the answer to your bathroom storage needs.
  • If you have a bath and a shower in the same room – consider a shower and bath combination.


  • Buy a bed frame with drawers. This might be one of the most obvious hacks for a bedroom and it is also one of the best. This way you can store shoes, clothes, and linen, anything – in the drawers and use the saved space for something else.
  • Add some hooks to your wardrobe wall. The wall of the wardrobe is often overlooked but it is the perfect place to hang those piles of handbags and belts that take up valuable space.
  • A well designed wardrobe makes use of all the dead space and keeps it well organised. Custom designing your wardrobe space will give your wardrobe a makeover and you extra storage.


  • Consider installing drawers in the kick plate of your kitchen cupboards, this is usually dead space but can be useful for items you don’t use often but want close by.

Living areas

  • Utilise the space under the stairs by installing cupboards and shelving.
  • If any of your window areas allow, install window seats.
  • Built in cabinets make use of open space or empty walls in the living room and can solve storage problems for books, DVD’s and decorative items.

If you are struggling with storage space and considering a renovation, contact AMS Property Renovations. The highly skilled in house team of all trades respond to every enquiry, no matter how large or small.


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