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Leaking Shower

This job was the third time this Owner engaged AMS Property Renovations to do works… This time, it was at their rental property. This meant an added layer of communication for us, but the delivery and our high standards were still the same. Unfortunately, this property had been suffering a slow water leak for quite some time. In turn, it attracted termites inside and damages were caused. The problem for everyone, Owner, Tenant and us as the Builders – was where to start???  So, as it would be, off came the wall sheeting to discover timber members almost non-existent. These soon became our first priority to ensure the safety of everyone. What followed, was rectifying that water leak and it lead us straight to a waterproofing issue / leaking shower. With the leaking shower now striped back fully, newly waterproofed and re tiled, it seemed like for this Owner, it was “AMS to the rescue” but really it was putting right what should have always been right in the first place. Happy to report – this property is all back together again – safe and no leaks.