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Bathroom Renovation

After almost 3 years, this customer has returned to AMS to renovate the last bit of the property left to renovate – the granny flat. AMS had previously renovated almost the entire property before, including a cobblestone driveway and were only too pleased to be considered again for this renovation. With such a small area to work with, we had to be very mindful of what would work and what would fit. Every element was considered, including recessing the mirror cabinet, removing the dividing nib wall in the shower, reducing the depth of the vanity, changing the way the doors open and installing a new window – all to give the illusion that the room was bigger. To be consistent, we were able to source the same fittings and fixtures to what was used in other renovations. If you are considering renovating a small area, talk to us. We will give you tips and tricks on how to get every inch of useable space out of your renovation.