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With overseas holidays on hold, Australians are focusing their spend on home renovation

COVID-19 has forced us to stay home which has seen many Aussie families evaluate the changes they’d like to make in their home to make it their sanctuary! There’s a good chance that when restrictions are lifted, families will have a newfound appreciation of spending quality time at home, which may lead to home renovation and improvements! Besides, with so much time spent at home, what better time to roll up the sleeves and crack on with a renovation!

Planning and focussing on a home renovation is a fantastic way to keep families occupied whilst spending more time at home.

Planning a renovation

Planning a home renovation is no overnight task. It can take weeks, if not months of decision making before you finalise your plans. Use this time you’re spending at home to research how you can improve the functionality of your home, where you want to start, and add how you can add value.

Enhancing your outdoor space

With social distancing likely to be here for the long haul and restrictions meaning more socialising and entertaining at home than ever before, why not start with your back yard?

Think about maximising the outdoor space you have and turning it into a social distancing sanctuary that will have you questioning why you ever spent all that money on expensive hotels and overseas holidays in the first place!

The South East Queensland climate allows the luxury of being able to enjoy the outdoors all year round. Adding a deck, patio or pergola that will give you shade in the heat of summer and provide shelter and warmth during winter will give you the perfect opportunity to extend and improve your outdoor living areas in a cost-effective and functional way.

A functional outdoor space will give you a seamless transition from your back door, adding timeless value to your lifestyle and potential value to your home.