Tips on selecting your home’s fixtures and finishes (without getting overwhelmed)

Have you recently decided to build your first home or embark on a renovation? If the answer is yes; then you have likely also found yourself in a Pinterest vortex!

Selecting your home’s fixtures and finishes is by far one of the most overwhelming decisions in the build or renovation process. The fixtures and finishes are the icing on the cake; they can completely transform the look and feel of a room – they are one element of your design process that you want to seriously consider! However, you don’t want to take all of the fun out of this step of the journey.

Tips to make selecting your home’s fixtures and finishes a breeze

Select your fixtures and finishes early

Your homes fixtures and fittings should be decided early on in your build or renovation as they will set the aesthetic and style of the room. Trying to choose them towards the end of the fit out can make things a thousand times more complicated, as something you really like the look of may no longer match the other elements you’ve chosen.

Determine a budget and stick to it

When setting your budget, consider that your fixtures and finishes such as handles and taps are some of the most used items in a room; they may be small but they can really add up!

Consider practicality

Choose fixtures that suit the purpose of the room and your family. For example, you may like a rain shower but your partner prefers a powerful jet; you may want to consider dual fixtures so that everyone is happy! If children are going to be using the fixtures, what is easiest and safest for them to use.

Consider compatibility

If fixtures are compatible with your current plumbing this will reduce your costs (and choices) significantly! Choosing fixtures that are of the same size, placement and materials as your current system will make life much simpler when making your new selections.

When embarking on your build or renovating your home, our experts will be able to offer personalised advice on any particular fixtures or finishes you should consider. The journey should be an enjoyable one and we are here to ensure that is the case, so don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions!


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