Tips and tricks for renovating small spaces

Whether you’re renovating a small apartment or a small room, these tips and tricks can help you get the most out of your small space.

White and light

Small spaces benefit from a light, clean decor. A predominantly white paint palette opens up a room, and it need not be boring as you can liven the room up with pops of colour by way of furnishings and accessories, which the white walls serve as a perfect backdrop for.

Essentials only

Clear the clutter and remove any non essential items to create a sense of spaciousness in your small space. This is relevant to furniture but also decor. Consider the prints that you use on furniture and keep the majority of items pattern and clutter free.

Thoughtful furnishings

The final part of your renovating your small spaces is selecting the correct furniture. You may think that small rooms require small furniture, but this isn’t true. Often, fewer larger items of furniture work better than many small furnishings, which can make the room appear busy and cramped.

Maximising all areas

In small spaces, maximising all areas of the room are necessary to ensure spaces are as functional as they are beautiful – no corner needs go to waste! There are plenty of vertical solutions for corner-storage such as tables and shelves. The larger you go, the bigger the room will feel as a sense of depth will be added that you can’t achieve with smaller pieces of furniture.

Making the most of natural light

Natural light works wonders for making rooms appear larger. Make the most of window furnishing to allow as much natural light as possible to leak into the room. If you only have one window, mirrors and reflective surfaces are a clever way to bounce light around the room.

With a clever consideration of colours, furnishings and space maximising techniques, renovating your small spaces can turn them into your favourite room!

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