How to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen space

An outdoor kitchen space adds value to your lifestyle and your home!

Here are our 5 top tips to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen space

Keep it close to your home

Keep your outdoor kitchen close to your indoor space. You want your outdoor kitchen space to become an extension of your home. Consider that at times you’ll be taking food in and out and no one wants to BBQ alone either!

Lighting and heating

No one wants to be stood in the dark cooking outside. Ensure you have adequate lighting that will mean you can use your outdoor space come day or night. If you want to use your outdoor kitchen all year round, consider how you can keep the area warm, whether this is a gas heater a fireplace or a fire pit.

Exposure to the elements

Make sure your outdoor kitchen area has suitable protection from the elements: being sun, rain and wind. Consider sails, bi-fold doors or zip down blinds to shade and enclose the area when it’s wet or too windy to use otherwise.


Outdoor surfaces need to be durable and able to withstand a range of temperatures and weathers.


Your outdoor kitchen needs to be as functional as your indoor space. Is there enough bench space to prepare food, place condiments, store utensils. Don’t forget the outdoor sink! And do you need a bar fridge? A pizza oven?!

An outdoor kitchen can be the height of entertaining luxury!

Consider carefully how you’ll use the space and what you’ll need to help you have the functional, long lasting and luxurious kitchen of your dreams.

If you need help to build your ultimate outdoor kitchen and entertainment area call the team at AMS Property Renovations!

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