The 6 most popular interior design styles explained

Modern, industrial, contemporary, and the list goes on and on…There are many popular interior design styles out there, and wrapping your head around them all can get overwhelming. However, it’s important to understand what they all truly mean before you head onto your renovation journey. This will help you determine what fixings and fixtures to choose when you want to really stand out.

So what exactly are the most popular interior design styles? We’ll give you a comprehensive look at the 6 most popular interior design styles!

1. Modern Interior Design Style

The modern interior design style is very on-trend right now and it’s no wonder why it’s so popular. Think exposed bricks, expansive spaces, neutral colours, and big windowpanes to let in tons of natural light.

2. Vintage Interior Design Style

Vintage interior design style is all about bringing the past back to life. Making subtle changes, you can easily recreate the look of a classic country farmhouse or a vintage French chateau. But hey, don’t stick strictly to those styles; you can also easily add modern influences and bring in your own unique design style!

3. Minimalist

Minimalism may not be for everyone, but when you do it right – it just looks stunning. A lot of people don’t know that it’s possible to have a modern, sleek, and clean design that still has the vibe of classic. Sure, minimalism may be a bit easier to pull off in your own home, but it’s also perfect if you want to give a room some personality and creativity.

4. Contemporary Interior Design Style

Contemporary interior design is really something else. It’s modern on the inside and out with new shapes for every room of the house – think rounded corners. However, you can still make it feel old-school by using traditional design elements like dark mantelpieces and big chandeliers.

5. Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian interior design is about creating a space where you can enjoy the natural light of day. The lack of excess furniture and floor-to-ceiling windows create an airy, modern space that you’ll be delighted to come home to. Think clean lines, simple colour palettes, and a minimalist point of view.

6. French Country Style

The French country interior design style is something you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. This style includes elements of both classic and modern design, like exposed stone fireplaces and chandeliers, traditional furniture, lush fabrics, and rustic wooden beams.

Now that you have an understanding of the most popular interior design styles, it’s time to decide what style you want your house to have. There are a lot of amazing design styles out there, so you really have to pick one that works with your personal personality.

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