Renovating your dated bathroom

For many homemakers, the bathroom is one of the key areas of the home where you get to unwind in a space that reflects your personal style and taste. But where do you start when you want to renovate a dated bathroom?

First of all start off by picturing your ideal bathroom, is it all sleek and minimalistic with stainless steel finishing’s perhaps a simple two-tone colour scheme? Or would you prefer a more lavish space with large mirrors, gold plated or current trend matte black faucets, square or round rain style shower heads and luxury finishes? Visualisation is key to achieving your wants.

Once you have visualised your ideal bathroom set out a budget and stick to it, this will assist you in avoiding over capitalisation and breaking the bank by spending your hard-earned cash on unnecessary expenses.

After you have set out a budget, the fun begins, shop around for all the latest colour schemes, cabinet colours and styles, faucets of varying length and design, new showers and bathtubs, and don’t be afraid to ask the important questions to the salesperson and yourself.

An easy and relatively cheap way to breathe some freshness into your bathroom is to choose a new colour for the walls or possibly to remove the existing flooring in the bathroom area.

Another simple and efficient method of updating your bathroom is to bring in some contemporary or home-made artwork, and a change of décor. If you have a particular theme or colour to the bathroom, think about hanging up something that compliments the theme such as an ocean landscape with blue toned towels, or a starfish with pastel yellow or white tones.

At Group AMS whether you want a small remodel or a more grandeur renovation, we can assist you at any point in your remodelling endeavours. With our fully trained and trade qualified staff, we can work on the smallest and largest of budgets with quality in mind, making sure you feel refreshed during your daily routines seeing the investment you have made was no waste, click here to get in touch.

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