How does property renovation increase the value of your home?

When thinking of selling your home whether it be now or sometime down the track, it is the question at the forefront of homeowners minds, how to increase the value of their homes.  Property renovations are a great way to increase the usefulness, functionality and aesthetic appeal of the home but will it add value to your home.  In order to increase the value of your home through renovation,  there are a few areas of the home you should invest your efforts to reap the maximum rewards.

Tips for increasing the value of your home through renovation:

  1. Updating and remodelling the kitchen has to stand as one of the most influential areas of the home.  Kitchens get so much use that they wear out, appliances become old and it can become quickly out-dated.  It is also the hub of the home, so it sets the standard for the rest of the home.  The kitchen is also the area where you can really modernise it with adding in large drawers, space saving features or pull out pantries.  There are so many great ideas for kitchens that can increase the appeal of the home. Even replacing the old appliances can also add a fresh facelift to the area. Investing into a kitchen renovation has the potential to add thousands to the property value.
  2. The other main area of the home that adds value is the bathroom.  Renovating the bathroom is another way to increase the property value of the home.  An old and outdated bathroom quickly detracts from the resale value.  Adding an additional bathroom or toilet to the home where there is only a single bathroom, will add a great deal of value.  If a total bathroom renovation is not required, simply replacing tiles, or installing a new toilet and some modern taps can make great improvements.
  3. Adding a deck is a sure winner when it comes to increasing house values. Everyone loves a great deck as it is an extension of the house.
  4. General freshening up of the home can work wonders too, a fresh coat of paint, new door  handles, new carpets, replacing light fittings to new and more modern designs can all play a role in increasing the resale value of the home.  Some of these low cost improvements can make a big difference.

Discuss your renovation ideas with AMS Property Renovations.  By using an experienced and reputable company to carry out your renovations, you can trust that you are tapping into their wealth of knowledge about home renovations and how it can value add to your home.

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