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Planning your home renovation

So you’ve decided to renovate the family home. There is a lot to consider when planning your home renovation, with one of the biggest considerations being the renovation ‘budget’. The accuracy of your budget depends entirely on how well you estimate your costs. Today, there are a range of online budget calculators and cost guides that can help you formulate your budget. Be realistic with your budget, your not going to achieve a grand design on a conservative budget. If you are planning on selling your home in the near future be careful not to overcapitalise. It’s easy to get carried away and tempted by the latest and greatest products on the market. Try to keep it simple, neutral and spend your budget where buyers perceive the most value (eg kitchens and bathrooms). Once you have a set budget, follow the golden rule and add approximately 20% for contingency, it is more than likely that unexpected costs will arise.

So your budget is set, now you can begin to plan your renovation by looking at costs of materials and gathering quotes from tradespeople. Consider enlisting a professional to help you plan your renovation if budget permits. This can save you a lot of time and stress, and a professional will be able to put you in touch with reputable trades people your area. When it comes to trades, it is important to get at least three written quotes detailing the scope of the work, estimated timeframe and included materials. Make sure you check out their credentials, testimonials and online reviews. A smart renovator always does their research!

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