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Planning a full renovation? How to get the most out of your floor plan.

Maximise your floor plan with these clever reno tips

When updating your home, one of the best ways to update it and get the most out of your renovation is to maximise your floor plan.

Renovations don’t always come with big budgets, by making changes to existing spaces you can change the footprint of your home and make sure no corner goes unused!

You can transform your home by reworking spaces, here are our top tips:

  • If removing a wall doesn’t affect the structural integrity of a home then this is one sure-fire way to significantly open up a room. You can turn a pokey living area into an open plan kitchen/living/dining space if your floor plan allows; this will make your home seem much bigger and likely offer you a more functional space.
  • Separating your toilet can make your home much more liveable, especially if you only have one bathroom. If your plumbing allows, adding a wall so that the toilet is separate from your sink and shower means more people will be able to use these facilities in the morning, meaning time and morning arguments over who uses the bathroom first are both saved!
  • Turn under utilised spaces into functional areas is more often than not enough to create a sense of space and give your rooms that new home feel. For example, if you have stairs, open up the underneath and add shelving and functional storage – not just a cupboard that collects random household items! You can add a hidden shoe cabinet, a chest of drawers, or use it as a place to display photographs and other decorative items.
  • Flip your floor plan. Again if your floor plan allows, placing your living, kitchen, and dining areas at the back of the house looking out to the garden can make your home feel much bigger and is more functional. This means you can supervise children in the garden or the pool as you’re in the kitchen, and have a more pleasant outlook than your road out front. Generally, this layout is more popular when it comes to resale value too.
  • If you have a random small space, create a study nook. This way you can supervise children doing homework and you also have a suitable space to keep the laptop and other work-related items.