Nothing adds value to your home like a kitchen renovation

The kitchen is often the hub of the home, it’s the area that is in constant use and is often the showpiece area of the home.  Nothing adds value to your home like a kitchen renovation.  Renovating this room makes a lot of sense, particularly if your budget is limited to only renovating one room of the house.  Some statistics suggest that renovating your kitchen can add between 4-7% value to your home.  In real estate terms, the kitchen is often what sells a house, it’s often the first room of the house that buyers are interested in viewing.  The kitchen really sets the tone for the standard of the rest of the house and it is often the room that clinches the sale.

Value adding though is so much more than just property value and sales, the kitchen is a functional room for meal preparation, socialisation and entertainment.  It is a room that you get a great deal of use out of, and you want it to be an area that works and adds value for you and your everyday life.  An outdated kitchen really loses its appeal, functionality and dampens inspirations to create delicious foods.  It makes storage of food, crockery, cooking instruments and appliances difficult and messy. A dysfunctional kitchen sets the scene for a dysfunctional house.

You will enjoy the change that a kitchen renovation brings, adding a vibrant new atmosphere to your home.  The transformation of a kitchen can bring such joy and happiness as it evolves into an exciting new place.  So on many different levels it really makes sense to invest into renovating your kitchen.

Whether you are looking at a budget, mid-range or fully custom kitchen, a kitchen renovation on any scale will really transform your home.  There is so much you can do to improve your kitchen.  The remodelling of a kitchen means that you can make the space work for you.  You can make it much more functional with better organisation, optimise storage and improve countertops for greater working space.

You will enjoy the change and relish in the pleasure that a new kitchen brings.  Contact Group AMS to discuss your kitchen renovation ideas.

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