Maximising Kitchen Space when Renovating

Many people often consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home, so what do you do when the most vital organ of your house becomes too small for your needs as your family grows? Well, a good starting point is to consider a kitchen renovation and depending on your personal needs and the existing kitchen space, this could lead to a big job or a smaller scale refresh to your space. So here are some options you might want to consider to maximise the space in your kitchen when renovating.

First of all, consider the appliances you have in your kitchen. Are they taking up too much space? Is it possible for you to downsize or completely remove large appliances?

Another thing to consider is the unused space that might already exist. For example, many old kitchens will have a breakfast bar with empty space underneath the counter. It may be possible to add in extra cabinets under it or extend out your existing cabinets. Don’t be afraid to double up on cabinets, with the right renovations you could see extra space without affecting the flow of your kitchen space.

One way to create the illusion of extra space could be a brand new colour scheme. With modern industrial being a current trend this maybe a option to consider or for resale value you may choose to stick to light and bright colours with a neutral palette.

If you have not already had a dishwasher installed consider in investing one and having that space created. This will not only save you time by not having to hand wash your dishes, but it will also open up space by not having to air dry your dishes on a rack, which takes up precious space.

At AMS Property Renovation we have all of your bases covered, from our highly qualified plumbers to our experienced and friendly renovation staff. We will be able to help meet your needs, big or small and to any budget. Contact us today to discuss your vision and closer to the kitchen you desire, click here.

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