Latest trends in kitchen renovation

kitchen renovation is a large investment, and perhaps one of the most central and utilised areas of the home, so the importance of keeping it current and functional is significant.  Prior to designing and renovating your kitchen, it is well worth considering some of the latest trends in kitchen renovation.

In line with the kitchen becoming a real hub and centre piece of the home is the growing trend towards blended kitchen and living spaces with open planned areas somewhat combining the two areas seamlessly.  This blending is even seeing the integration of home offices, work stations, smart device charging hotspots and docking stations.

The high tech kitchen trend is also is seeing the increasing use of high tech appliances with integrated coffee machines and steam ovens.  Freestanding stoves are no longer in vogue; the trend is definitely towards wall ovens.  The sales trends show refrigerators with the freezer on the bottom are growing, but yet to beat the most popular choice over the traditional side-by-side refrigerator and freezer, however sales figures of the side-by-side have decreased.  Seeing double is also becoming popular when it comes to kitchen appliances, with double dishwashers, the installation of wine refrigerators in addition to the standard fridge and either double ovens or a combination of steam ovens and conventional ovens.

Perhaps one of the key developments to buck previous trends over the years is the move away from stainless steel.  It had been so incredibly popular for so long, however the use of stainless tapware, sinks or appliances is sure to now date your kitchen.  Additionally previous trends that are no longer current include glass splashbacks, aluminium kicks and really thick benchtops.  Thin streamline porcelain countertops that are durable is being introduced, however granite benchtops still remain current.

Really moving away from the stainless look has seen modern kitchens now installing black or white ovens, dark sinks and tapware and granite kitchen sinks.  And the look of stainless handles is being replaced by modern looking cabinetry that has a recessed lip creating a channel to allow for opening without the need for handles.  This clean, sleek look of no handles, believe it or not, is actually a resurgence of a popular choice in the 1970’s.  There is no doubt a handle-less kitchen looks great, however there are some pros and cons in this design that you need to consider before incorporating it in your kitchen design.

Trends in cabinetry include the use of frameless cabinetry, the continued popularity of shaker style cabinets which are a five pieced front characterised with a recessed centre, and either white, gray or  even splashes of blue are amongst the most popular kitchen colours.

Adding texture and pattern to the kitchen can be achieved through stone benchtops, wooden panelling and patterned splashback tiling.  Due to the overuse of the subway tiles, modern kitchens will begin to move away from that look and move more towards the use of long, thin tiles for splashbacks laid in either vertical or horizontal rows.

Above all else is the need for the kitchen to bring about warmth, functionality and be personalised to suit your likes and requirements.  The team at Group AMS are available to provide great advice and guidance in providing you with a modern and practical kitchen renovation.  Contact the AMS Property Renovations team and start getting excited about your kitchen makeover.

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