How to renovate your rental property on a budget

A well-presented rental property means happy tenants and also higher rent.

With some careful consideration and thrifty shopping you can achieve your rental renovation dreams on a budget.

How to get bang for your buck with rental renovations:

Wash and paint the walls

It’s amazing what a difference washing and freshly painting the walls can do!  Use sugar soap to firstly clean the walls and choose light neutral colours that will easily compliment the tenant’s furniture.

Fixtures and fittings

New fixtures lessen the risk of maintenance issues in future that old fixtures could lead to. Sparkly new taps, shower heads and door handles don’t need to be top of the range for your rental property to instantly modernise the wet rooms.

Improve storage with built in wardrobes

Consider professionally installing built in wardrobes if you don’t have them already. This will appeal to tenants as they won’t have to buy their own and maximizes storage space by having a place to hang clothes as well as drawers and shelves.

Don’t choose top of the range

When renovating a rental property, use mid-grade fittings rather than top of the range. Using mid-range fittings reduces the risk of costly future replacements due to accidental damage. There is a huge range of mid-grade fittings available to suit all aesthetics, which are great quality.

Shop second hand

One person’s trash is another ones treasure, so the saying goes, and that couldn’t be truer for renovations. If you look on sites such as Gumtree, people are selling some gems, such as whole kitchens, which may not suit their taste any more but may be just what you’re looking for!

Ask if there’s a discount for display or old stock, or if there are any slightly scratched or dented bargains that you can make-work.

If you are hiring tradespeople to help with renovations, ensure they are fully qualified, licensed and insured.

There are some things you can save on such as shopping around for fixtures, and fittings but the execution and installation of these items should be left to a professional to save you having costly repairs down the track due to a dodgy DIY job!

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