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How to renovate a small space | AMS Property Renovations

How to renovate a small space

Done right, small rooms definitely have their advantages. As with any renovation, achieving the desired renovation look while maximising light and maintaining storage, are generally top priorities in small spaces.

Defining exactly how you want to use a space and exactly what you need in it is the best starting point. Here are some of our top tips for renovating small spaces!

Keep it simple

Taking a minimalist approach to small space renovations can help you maximise the available space. Avoid clutter by using fewer, but nicer pieces and taking a ‘less is more’ approach. Focus on choosing pieces that will look great in the space, without adding too many knickknacks that will clutter it later down the track.

Add larger furnishings

Adding larger pieces, such as a chaise lounge or coffee table, can help you create a clean and spacious look in tight rooms. For smaller spaces, try adding an extra side table, or an even bigger coffee table. The key is choosing dynamic pieces that will work well with the rest of the furniture in the room.

Use storage space wisely

This includes wardrobes and drawers for clothes and bedside cabinets for bedside tables and lamps. If you’ve got a bed in the room, adding space under it for storage is a great idea. It’s all about finding smart ways of storing your belongings!

Choose lighter furniture

If you opt for darker colours when you renovate a small space, it can make the space feel tight and uninspiring. Light coloured pieces may be harder to style but they will visually open up the space and make it airy.

Feature natural light wherever possible

Consider how you can maximise the natural light coming in through your windows. If you only have one window in the room, consider adding a mirror directly opposite it to reflect the light and make the room appear more spacious.

Mount your tv on the wall

This is a trick that not many people think of, but instead of having your tv squished in a corner, mount it on the wall instead. It will make your room look larger, and you won’t have to worry about your shelves getting in the way.

Create zones for different activities

In small spaces, it’s a good idea to create separate areas for different activities. This will keep you from having to walk through the room constantly and will also give each area its own feel.

Small space renovations can be accomplished easily with a little forethought. Don’t be afraid to add larger furniture when you renovate a small space to make your room feel bigger. You can also maximise natural light in your home by hanging mirrors or lighting them from behind. Remember to take smaller rooms for what they are, not what you think they should be!

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