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Home extention versus moving house

Choosing whether to move house or complete a home extension will depend on a number of things.

  • Are you happy in your suburb?
  • Do you like your neighbours?
  • Is your location convenient?
  • Which option makes most financial sense?

Deciding whether to move or extend isn’t an easy decision. There are so many variables and the decision is an extremely personal one!

Some people enjoy the move to a new home, whilst others prefer to stay put!

In most cases, a home extension will generally always make more financial sense than moving to a new home, if you’re happy with all other aspects.

Here are some reasons you should consider a home extension.

  1. Moving is hard! Moving can be a long, stressful process. You have to sell the home you’re in, look for a new one, seek new financial assistance, arrange the physical move, and hope all of this lines up timing-wise! If you choose to extend you don’t have to endure as much stress as you can stay put whilst you make your extensions to transform your home.
  2. You can personalise your home. With a home extension, you can create the design and layout you desire. You can choose the size of the rooms, materials, and work within your budget to create the home of your dreams.
  3. Affordability. When you take into account government fees, stamp duty, and the move itself, often extensions are more affordable than a move. Not only this but generally your extension will add value, which will counter what you spend on updating your home.
  4. Personal attachment. If you like your suburb, neighbours, and schools, then there is no reason to force yourself to sell and move when you can extend, renovate and adapt your existing home to your new needs and wants.

However, though extensions have many advantages, if you’re not particularly attached to the home or suburb you’re in and there is a lot of work done to update your home to turn it into the home of your dreams, then there may be more advantages to moving!

Seek quotes from multiple tradespeople and visit plenty of open homes to determine what’s right for you.