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The idea of altering and adding to your home with a home extension can be exciting.  You may be eager at the thought of the additional room and added space, the opportunity to create your dreams and freshly decorate with creativity.  Enjoy this excitement as renovating is all of these things, however ensure that the excitement of the home extension doesn’t override the reality of what’s involved in renovating.

There may be many things to consider prior to renovating that you may not have been aware of, or given careful thought to, yet a little planning and consideration could potentially save you a great deal of money and unnecessary stress.

Should you be thinking of renovating your home the first important consideration is what is your budget, can you afford it and do you have enough to cover the renovation to do a quality job and cover unforeseen expenses.

Engage the necessary persons to assist with the renovation.  Unless you’re a tradesman or highly experienced in carrying out the work, then avoid considering DIY (do it yourself), seek the skills of a trusted professional, ensuring you find the right contractor for the job.

There may also be different rules and permissions to consider with the house extension that need to be inspected and council approved.  And its good practise to also advise your insurance company and neighbours of your renovation plans.

Consider any additional interferences such as the location of electrical cables, water pipes and gas lines, whether there is asbestos in the home and perhaps a building inspector is required, and before tearing down walls, determine exactly which are simply dividing walls and which are important support walls.

In the planning of the job do your research, be clear about the details, always choose quality over quantity and be realistic about what is suitable and within the budget.  Avoid latest trends when it comes to the renovation as you really want something to last the test of time.  Perhaps you can use trends to accessories rather than renovate.

An understanding of what the renovation phase involves will also help to align expectations and ideals with reality.  It can take considerable time to perform a house extension; there can be significant delays, unexpected events there can be a great deal of disruption to everyday life.  Potentially there will be construction dust everywhere (so remember to remove or protect the valuables) and alternative living plans may be needed.

Finally to help with these issues have all the materials required before starting to avoid time wasted waiting for items to be ordered and arrive, and check in daily on the progress of the job.  With a little careful planning and consideration, you will really be well informed and ready for that home extension.  AMS Property Renovations are experts at assisting you with ensuring your home extension is well planned and goes smoothly.  Before starting any renovation work, contact AMS Property Renovations Gold Coast as they are experienced in knowing what to consider with your home extension.

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