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Designing your new bathroom with a large family in mind

‘Are you done yet?!’ ‘Hurry up!’ – sound familiar? Large families with one bathroom, we are looking at you! Anyone with a large family will be all too familiar with the morning and nighttime queues for the bathroom. The dream would be for everyone to have an en suite but unfortunately this isn’t reality for most, so designing your new bathroom with your large family in mind can save you a lot of time and stress, on a daily basis!

Top tips for designing your new bathroom for a large family

Separate toilet

With a large family can come large queues for the bathroom! The last thing you want is a queue to use the shower whilst someone is using the toilet or visa versa! When designing your new bathroom, you should strongly consider completely separating your toilet. The toilet shouldn’t be the focal point of a room. At a minimum, it should be hidden behind a half wall if not able to be separated completely. This will provide privacy and keep a lot of people from shouting ‘hurry up!’

Double sink

When it comes to face washing and teeth brushing, double sinks save double the time! This means that two people can get ready simultaneously in the morning, with no one having to wait to brush their teeth or wash their face.

Double shower and a separate tub

As with a double sink, if you have room for a separate shower, a double shower means there’s room for two and will save you heaps of time in the morning. If you don’t have space for both a separate bath and a shower, consider a shower over the bath so you’re still able to maintain the best of both worlds.

Although bathtubs don’t often get used as much in an adult household, they’re imperative if you have children!

Now it is possible to have a rain shower and showerhead attachment in your shower/bath, to still add an element of luxury if you’re not able to have your separate shower.

Plenty of smart storage 

There never seems to be enough storage to meet all of your daily demands, no matter how big the bathroom is. Therefore, it makes sense to prepare your storage strategy in advance while keeping in mind your long-term goals for your family. Include floating shelves on the walls, freestanding cabinetry as well as vertical storage on the door so that you’re maximising the space!

Think your renovation through

With any renovation, you want to think long-term, as it’s not something you’ll want to repeat in a hurry! Experts such as AMS Property Renovations will be able to discuss your plans and your family’s needs and offer you renovation options that you’ll be over the moon with for years to come.