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Convert your garage into living space

There typically comes a point when we start to outgrow our homes.

You may be considering moving or adding an extension but you might not have to go through this unnecessary stress and expense, the answer could be at the tip of your toes, literally!

Converting your garage into a living space can give you that little bit of extra space you need in your existing home.

Renovating and repurposing your garage to turn it into a living space could save you thousands in moving costs and will also be far more convenient than moving home or adding a full extension. Not only this, it will add value to your home but it will also help meet the demands of your living! A teenage retreat, rumpus or games room is now almost a standard part of the Aussie floor plan!

Where to start with converting your garage

Firstly, what is the new room going to be used for? Consider the space you have and who will be spending the most time here and what they’ll be doing in there. Will it be a media room, a bedroom, a study, a living area?

Next, get building consent

A garage is a Class 10a building and is considered a non-habitable structure as set out in the Building Code of Australia (“BCA”). Converting a garage to a habitable room is a reclassification to Class 1a and will therefore require a Development Application and Approval from your local Council before commencement of any work.

Factors to consider when converting your garage

If you want your garage to conversion to be considered a legal habitable space then a few things need to be considered.

Ceiling height

Legally habitable rooms must have a ceiling height of 2.4m; your garage may only be 2.1m. Seek advice on options to increase the height of your garage.


Typically garage walls are single brick and may not be waterproofed. A stud wall, which can be covered with plasterboard and painted to match your décor, can be installed which acts as housing for your plumbing and electrics.

Concrete slab

Concrete slabs for garages are of a different standard for that of dwellings. Your concrete slab may need to be treated to comply with BCA standards.

A licensed builder or renovation professionals such as AMS Property Renovations will be able to walk you through everything you need to be compliant with council regulations when renovating your garage.

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