Choosing the right timber floors for your home

Timber flooring is just wood, it’s all the same right?

Wrong! There are several considerations to factor in before deciding on which timber floors are the right choice for your home.

They are beautiful, durable and easy to clean. With so many styles of timber floor available it can be difficult to settle on a style.

How to choose the right timber floors for your home

Think about your lifestyle

If you have pets or children you may prefer quiet flooring that is also durable. Some timbers are harder than others, more durable and more scratch resistant than others so if your floor gets a lot of foot traffic you may want to discuss these requirements.

Match your home

Make sure that the type; patterns and colour match your room furnishings and home décor. For example lighter floors will open up a space and brighten up rooms, whereas dark floors will make a room feel cosy and comfortable. A lighter wooden floor may be more on trend, but darker wood will add drama and character to a room.

Type of timber

Solid timber, engineered timber and laminate are the most common options. They all feel slightly different underfoot, with solid timber being just that, more solid and creating less sound. Engineered timber and laminate offer a little more flexibility underfoot and may sound hollow when walked on.


Compare the costs of different timber flooring options. Opt for something that is affordable, within your budget whilst still meeting your requirements. Timber flooring can very quickly get expensive so make sure you stick to your budget whilst it still ticking all of your boxes.

Timber floors can be expensive and are a significant investment for your home that you will likely not change for many, many years, if at all.

Consult the experts and discuss your visions for your flooring. By discussing all of the options you will be able to choose a timber floor that is stunning and suits your lifestyle.

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