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Bathroom Renovations: The latest trends will have you itching to design your new bathroom

Move over built-in tubs and chrome fittings, bathroom renovations are taking on a whole new look.  The latest trends in bathroom renovation are very exciting. It seems that anything different is fashionable however there are some very practical reasons for these trends too.  The latest trends will have you itching to design your new bathroom renovation.

Perhaps the biggest trend is creating a space that is really enjoyable, one that provides a sense of serenity and has a feel of luxury.  This is the room of the house that is really all about you; cleansing and nourishing your soul, it’s your private, quiet space to take time out from the hectic world to be at one with yourself.  So it makes sense that creating a tranquil environment is an appealing approach to bathroom renovation.  This tranquillity is created through minimising the use of artificial materials, rather using natural products such as timber and stone to create an enjoyable earthy environment.  Timber floors and even timber taps are becoming a trendy new feature of many bathrooms.

On the same theme of adding a warm feel to the bathroom, is the use of brass and other metallic’s rather than the traditional chrome when it comes to tapware.  Brass may also be used for accessories like lighting fixtures or shower caddies to add a little glamour to the bathroom.  Complimenting these earthy elements is balanced lighting with the use of low-voltage lighting or even a skylight above the shower.  Installing mood lighting to your bathroom design will create that natural, tranquil space that is sure to add to the ambiance and nurturing feel.

Built in tubs are a thing of the past, rather open showers or beautiful free standing bath tubs create the ultimate feature in the bathroom. Imagine the tranquillity of a warm beautiful freestanding bath on a cold winters day.

Now if the space allows for it, then “oversized” and “dual” is all the rage within the bathroom.  So it’s no wonder that “dual-oversized” shower heads are a popular trend.  Perhaps something quite new is the separate handset to the overhead shower, thus avoiding bulky rail bars between the handset and the shower head that aren’t exactly visually appealing.  And still on the “dual-oversized” trend is the trough type sinks that are long and deep, offering a new modern take on the double sink.  Oversized tiles provide a modern look to the bathroom and are functional with less cleaning of grout. But perhaps my favourite trend is the waterproof rendering of the shower wall, providing seamless beautiful walls without grids of tile grout, making the shower warm and cosy but most of all a total dream to clean.

Other modern trends are square shaped fixtures and shower-heads, open shelving with rolled up colourful towels, an indoor plant or even hanging art are all unique accessories added to the bathroom renovation to create that warm enjoyable space.  Get creative and rethink your bathroom renovation to incorporate some of these latest trends, have a chat to a renovation specialist at Group AMS to provide you with some additional modern ideas on the latest trends in bathrooms, click here.