6 popular home interior trends for this winter

Just like with fashion, winter brings a range of new interior trends.

Making over rooms can give your home a new lease of life and make you feel warm and fuzzy throughout the cooler months!

With all the renovation shows on Aussie TV there’s no surprise that many people get bitten by the ‘renovation bug’. If you’re not wanting or needing to do a full renovation however, an interior makeover of a room or two could be all you need to get your fix!

What’s on trend this winter?

  1. Bold rich colours. If you have wanted to experiment with a bold colour, such as burnt orange or emerald green, now is definitely the time to brave it! These warm shades demand attention and are a timeless style that will last for years. If you’re not brave enough to make a full wall a feature colour, consider reupholstering a piece of furniture or introducing some decorative accessories such as a vase or lampshade.
  2. Velvet. Velvet furniture in rich jewel tones is going to be a winter staple. Simply adding a velvet chair or ottoman to a room can add a level of on trend sophistication that will last for seasons to come and the warmth of velvet will make your house feel like a home.
  3. Florals. Mixing florals with bold colours will add some depth to your rooms this winter. Think floral bedding or floral cushions to add these decorative accents to your room without going over the top or making anything too permanent.
  4. Black kitchens. Black kitchens are a trend that is sticking around this winter and beyond. Although dark, they are neutral and can be made to look classic or modern, but one thing is for sure, a black kitchen is always a statement room of your home!
  5. Textures. Add chunky knitted throws to beds and sofas and mix and match rug textures in rooms. Layering will add a cosy feel to your home this winter.
  6. Minimalism. Less clutter and furniture combined with the chunky textures, floral patterns and bold colours is bang on trend this winter.

If you have been bitten by the renovation bug and can’t get your fix by making over a room or two, AMS Property Renovations provide a professional renovation and installation service to give your home a new lease of life.

Meta description: Making over rooms can give your home a new lease of life and make you feel warm and fuzzy throughout the cooler months! Find out what interior trends to look out for this season.

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