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5 tips for planning a bathroom renovation

A bathroom is one of the main areas of your home; it’s one of the most vital and also one of the main areas that can add significant value. The good news is you don’t have to make huge changes in order for the end result to be the bathroom renovation of your dreams!

The bathroom is one of the main areas that can add significant value to a home and you don’t have to make massive changes in order to create an impact.

Here we list 5 top tips to maximise your bathroom renovation

1.     Get multiple quotes.

This will give you a clear idea of what your renovation is going to cost, and getting multiple quotes could save you hundreds, if not thousands! There are so many variables and tradespeople required, that could significantly impact the cost of your renovation so it’s best to know what these costs are upfront.

2.     Be smart with storage.

Most properties don’t have large bathroom spaces to work with, every square metre counts! Getting innovative with storage can make a small bathroom seem much larger. If you have a compact en-suite, recesses and wall-mounted basins can work wonders to open up the room. If you decide to use a vanity, look for one with extra storage such as towel racks, and cabinets behind mirrors to keep toiletries organised.

3.    Essentials, not luxuries.

With every renovation, there are things you want and things you need. Things you need should always be the priority! That’s not to say you can’t add in the odd luxurious item, fixture or fitting into the renovation but remembering what is essential will keep you on budget.  What is essential for one may not be essential for another so think about the reason for your renovation; are you designing your family bathroom to use for years to come or renovating to make the house more saleable? What you might deem worth the money a potential buyer may not so it’s worth thinking about this before you spend a fortune on your reno.

4.    Don’t move plumbing.

Moving plumbing is by far one of the biggest costs of a bathroom renovation. If you don’t need to move any pipes, toilets, vanities, sinks, or baths, don’t! If you do need to move something, try to make it minimal. It will save you thousands.

5.    Use bathroom renovation professionals.

It can be tempting to carry out a lot of the bathroom renovation handy work yourself if you think you know how to do it, however, bathrooms require the work of professionals, especially for plumbing and electrical work which must be carried out by licenced tradespeople.