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5 family friendly reno tips you’ll thank us for later

Congratulations! You are renovating!

Whilst a fun time for all the family, a home reno can also be quite stressful and not something you will want to repeat any time soon.

After all, you are investing in this renovation to improve your home and lifestyle, so you want to ensure your renovation is functional for you and the family to grow into and fully utilize!

5 family friend reno tips to consider

1.     Built in storage

Build in storage wherever you can! Try to utilise otherwise useless spaces, such as cupboards that are secret shoe racks, shelves to store the kids bags when they get home from school and shelves under the stairs instead of a cupboard that gets packed with junk.

2.     Dog doors

Have pets or see a pet in your family’s future? Consider installing a dog door as part of your renovation! This can either be in the form of an actual new door, a dog door being cut into your current glass if suitable or a door being installed into the wall of your home if suitable or if a wall is being built.

3.     Dog houses

We’ve all seen the doghouses under the stairs or in the seemingly useless nooks and crannies of a room? Why not implement one into your renovation so Fido can enjoy his new space as much as you enjoy yours!

4.     Renovation materials

Think about cleaning and upkeep especially if you have small children. Glossy cabinets scream cleaning nightmare and natural stone floors will stain easily. This is the same when considering furniture for your newly renovated area. Materials such as leather wipe clean easily and still come in a variety of colours to suit all decors.

5.     Multi purpose areas

Breakfast bar, study area, food preparation zone? Certain areas can be used in a variety of ways if they are renovated right! A breakfast bar can become a study zone if you add some under cabinet storage to keep the kids stationary and laptops handy. This can also be used as extra kitchen space to prepare food when not being used as a table or study zone.