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2022 Bathroom Trends

Bathroom trends are something that tend to be overlooked. When renovating or building, ideas for kitchens and outdoor areas generally come to mind first. However, bathrooms are a room that everybody uses and shouldn’t be forgotten. Having a stylish bathroom can elevate the entire aesthetic of your house.

While it’s hard to believe a new year is almost upon us, a new year also means new trends. Here are some of the top trends that we expect to see in bathrooms in 2022. Whether you’re looking to update your current bathroom or renovate an old one, we’ve got something for you.


The idea of incorporating indoor plants into your home design is nothing new. They brighten up a space and improve air quality. With the global pandemic and increased time spent at home, people are turning to house plants to create a calming space. Plants create a spa-like atmosphere. They also help us feel connected to the outdoors, which is something that everybody could use when spending more time inside. Incorporating plants into your 2022 bathroom designs will help you stay on trend and can create a great focal point. Try using more toned down and earthy colours for your counters and walls and using plants as an accent to make your space pop!

Statement walls and murals

Gone are the days of a white tiled bathroom. Designers predict that feature walls of colourful tiles and murals will be very popular coming into this new year. This is another attribute to include into a bathroom to give it a spa-like feel and create an inviting space. These statements can either be used behind a bath or even behind the vanity. If you’re not overly confident in going super-bold in your bathroom just yet, try including a feature wall on the smallest wall in the bathroom to create a bold but subtle look.

Natural materials

If you’re wanting a clean but not clinical look, try incorporating natural materials such as wood into your 2022 bathrooms. This is something that we will be seeing a lot of in the new year. Wood and other similar materials are brilliant at breaking up a space. They also allow you to continue to use classic bathroom colour schemes such as white and cream while providing contrast and warmth. This can be incorporated through a wooden vanity, wooden tiles, or even simply through accents such as wooden soap dispensers and towel racks.


Gone is the taboo wallpaper of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Wallpaper has transitioned into a sleek statement that can be featured in any room. It will be particularly popular in bathrooms over the next 12 months, with large florals taking centre stage. This can be a great way to brighten a space and a vibrant alternative to standard wall tiles. If you’re dubious about applying wallpaper in a bathroom, there is an option to use mould-proof wallpaper paste. You can also apply a clear acrylic varnish over the top to boost its resistance to moisture. However, standard wallpaper should hold up just fine in almost any bathroom. You should only avoid this trend if your bathroom rarely fully dries and is particularly humid.

Now that you have an idea of some trending ideas for the new year, try and incorporate them in your bathrooms. These can be added to new main or master bathrooms, or even used to spice up existing powder rooms. If you are looking for some 2022 renovation inspiration, have a look at our recent projects. If you’re wanting to enquire about renovating in the new year, contact AMS property renovations to get started.